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The Skape® is the manifestation of our philosophy at Eyato to create distinct pieces of wearable art.  Sometimes we want our garments to do more than just adorn and protect us - we also want our garments to create a sense of magic and transform us. The Skape® embodies this by transforming from a modest A-line knee- length pleated skirt, into a refined, silhouette enhancing waist-length cape.  However and whenever you wear the Skape®, the switch will leave bystanders enchanted wondering what manner of sorcery or optical illusion they have just encountered. 


Fabric, pattern designs, lengths and trimmings are all tailored to each customer’s style and personality making every Skape® we create intentionally unique. The featured sample Skape® is knee length, made from cotton fabric lined with teal chiffon and includes dyed ostrich feather trimmings in teal to complement the fabric pattern. The lining is also finished with a complementary purple satin ribbon.

The Skape® (Knee Length)

  • Product name: The Skape®

    Fabric & Design - Each Skape® is made to order only (pre-order 4-6 weeks) and priced from £400.00

    Designed and Made in London

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