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Atiti Izogie & Eyato

This story, is the story of Atiti Izogie and Eyato.

For as long as she can remember Atiti has always wanted to understand how the creations that catch her eye come to be. From the age of eight she was fascinated by women's shoes, she would stare at the pictures in her 'Elves and The Shoemaker' storybook for hours and dreamt about one day finding someone to teach her the steps and processes involved in developing and constructing a footwear creation from inception. Therefore, it was nothing short of a miracle when in 2012 life changing circumstances afforded Atiti the opportunity to do just that!

I talk more about learning and what I've learnt here.


Fast forward: today Atiti designs and creates distinct pieces of wearable art which function as bags, footwear, and outerwear, Eyato is the name under which Atiti operates. Eyato is an adaptation of the Yoruba word for 'distinct difference'. 

Eyato is stylish, sexy and full of attitude. 

Eyato creations say, “you can’t help but notice me… for all the right reasons”, they’re indulgent without apology (and “why the heck not?”) … Atiti says, "spoil yourself and allow yourself to be spoilt!"

With personalisation woven throughout the fabric of Eyato, each creation for you is about you.


​Eyato works predominantly with high grade leather except when creating bespoke commissions where subject to design and clients request, Eyato can repurpose existing materials. In order to avoid waste, Eyato does not carry stock nor have sales.

Eyato is made to order ONLY!

Visit the Ordering Eyato Creations page to understand how to order an Eyato creation. Eyato is the antithesis of traditional high street luxury labels. 

Atiti Izogie

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