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The Siliki cape is part of our classic outerwear collection and another of our wearable art designs.

The Siliki cape can be cloaked elegantly across the shoulders or wrapped around the upper body for a reserved yet sovereign look.  Along with unique designs and tailoring fitted to the client’s taste, we also aim to include sustainable practices during the creative processes by re-using material. In addition to the ostrich feather trim, the featured sample Siliki was made using silk fabric from Rock Stone Silk, renowned for their designs from microscopic rock samples. Residual fabric was then customised to create moveable inserts for our client’s footwear.  




  • Product name: Siliki

    Fabric & Design - Each Siliki cape is made to order only (pre-order 4-6 weeks) and priced from £400.00

    Designed and Made in London

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