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Fahree is a statement! Inspired by the spring herald Daffodil, the trumpet shaped body features a concealed magnetic closure which blooms open to reveal a spacious section for personal items. The short leather handle is designed for hand holding, or to rest on the crook of the arm for that whimsical and playful look.  The exterior is made from golden yellow Italian leather, (also available in coral), rested on a nude petal and forest green stem base; while the interior is lined with luxurious clotted cream ortho leather.    

Available in sizes *medium and **small.


*Price quoted below is for the medium sized Fahree.

**POR for the small sized Fahree


  • Product name: Fahree

    Features: Handbag; leather strap; concealed magnetic closure

    Colour: Golden yellow or Coral

    Material: Italian 100% leather exterior and interior

    Designed and Handmade in London

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