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Radiate happiness and positivity whenever you step out with our Emolleh bag.   The exterior of this Sunflower inspired bag is made from bold white Italian leather while the petals and leaves are made from golden yellow St Crispin buffalo leather.  Get the sense of a gentle breeze in a sunflower field from the flowing, soft Mongolian cedar brown wool used to ingeniously create the centre seeds - (length to suit).
Open the loop privacy magnetic closure to reveal the spacious interior made with luxurious clotted cream ortho calf leather.  The bag is finished with a short Italian leather handle suitable for resting in the crook of the arm perfect for exuding that feeling of summer.



  • Product name: Emolleh

    Features:  Short leather strap;  concealed magnetic closure

    Colour: White base, golden yellow, cedar brown                          

    Material: Italian 100% leather exterior and interior; Mongolian wool

    Designed and Handmade in London

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