We are Eyato

We make luxury better!
We Design with Passion!

About Eyato.

Eyato is the design inspiration of Atiti Izogie – the creative entrepreneur who has a passion, love and eye for beautiful accessories. Eyato is stylish, sexy and full of attitude.

Eyato pieces say “you can’t help but notice me… for all the right reasons”, they’re indulgent without apology (and “why the heck not?”)… Atiti says! Eyato pieces say “spoil yourself and allow yourself to be spoilt!” They are designed with a high end niche clientele in mind for Business and Leisure.

Eyato specialises in Made to Order luxury accessories and timeless statement pieces, Eyato is the antithesis of the hype surrounding traditional luxury labels. With personalisation woven through the fabric of the brand, an Eyato creation is all about you.

Eyato London

Designed with Passion.

We cherish your individuality and help you celebrate it.
Your choices lie at the heart of everything we create.

In creating Eyato, the founder Atiti, was inspired by many things, the driving force being LOVE.
Love, first for our maker who created us and gave us gifts, talents and abilities and then love for each other.

Eyato London