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These shoes are made for walking!

Style... it's personal! 

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Erin - our shamrock pouch holds everything a girl needs for a St Patricks Day night out!

Erin the shamrock pouch is undoubtedly a creation of significant beauty in form. It is crafted using the high grade Italian Softee leather with a concealed metal and magnet closure.

~ Atiti Izogie


My creations are uniquely designed to express the emotions and dreams of the wearers.

There is a sense of clarity and peace that comes from expressing ones personality through personal style.

The conversation is enthralling and anything but quiet.

~ Atiti Izogie

The Ronti Bag
(Feature of the Month)

Every month we feature one of our creations. This month we are featuring our much loved The Ronti bag which is available to order in two sizes.


Making The Ronti

Front flap with concealed magnet closure


The back body of The Ronti being stitched to the gusset.


The front body being stitched to the gusset and base of the bag.


Aligning the front flap to the back for the final stitching. Painstakingly 

Art Director

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