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Bags & Footwear Making Taster Day




10am to 4pm

About the Course

You asked for it, so it's back, revised, and even better than before. It’s now a full day and it takes place in our workshop!!!

Bags and Footwear lovers throng to our one of a kind taster day. Come listen and learn. Enrich your thinking about the possibilities that have crossed your mind. Is becoming a leather artisan bag maker or footwear maker really a possibility, yes, it is.

How do I know? Once upon a time, I wondered too.  Then I decided to get a taste of the world of leather and awakened an insatiable appetite for learning and creating thus founding Eyato the rest is history. 

I have no idea where this taster journey will lead you, but I do know that every fortnight you have a chance to find out. You have nothing to lose and a whole new world to consider. Remember nothing ventured, nothing gained


Atiti Izogie takes you through this taster day sharing what she has learnt on her journey which started in September 2012. She has established a closeknit community of leatherwork and accessory veterans as part of the faculty of “What I've Learnt" alongside her own Wearable Art business called Eyato, where Atiti is the designer and leather artisan.


Course Details

This course is for anyone:

·        who has an appreciation for bags and footwear,

·        who has always wanted to know how they are made,

·        who would like to explore their creative thoughts and ideas by asking questions,

·        who want to know more about hand made to order bags and footwear from conception to creation, see the tools and machinery used in the process, and have loads of questions.

Apart from sharing, Atiti has put together an information pack for you to take away.

Refreshments / lunch included.                                                         


Price: £375 per person. (Places are limited so please book early)

Offers: £350 per person if you bring a friend or small groups of friends 5 (maximum)

Venue: Our Studio, West London. Details on booking.

Start: Fortnightly Starting: Friday the 8th March 2024.

Time: 10am to 4pm

Your Instructor

Atiti Izogie

Atiti Izogie of Eyato, is a London based Creative Director, Designer and Artisan making distinct pieces of wearable art for people who love to communicate through their personal style.
Eyato creations are aspirational and synonymous with distinct luxury. It has featured in Tatler and showcased at select prestigious events across London, including: The Concours of Elegance (Hampton Court Palace), and Luxury Pop-Ups across Mayfair and Belgravia.

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