Concours Of Elegance

Come and meet Eyato London at the Concours Of Elegance, one of the finest luxury and classic car experiences at one of Europes finest Palaces.

The 2020 Concours of Elegance will take place from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 September at Hampton Court Palace and is widely regarded as the leading European concourse. The Concours of Elegance brings together a selection of 60 of the rarest cars from around the world – many of which will never have been seen before in the UK. Complementing the Concours of Elegance will be displays of hundreds of other fine motor cars, including entrants to The Club Trophy. These classic and supercars are some of the greatest designs, manufacturers and specifications immersed in history and stories, attributes as a fashion designer we hold dear to our heart.

As you would expect the finest hospitality and luxury brands are part of the Concours of Elegance experience. Eyato of London is proud to be a luxury partner of the Concours of Elegence alongside prestigious brands such as Aston Martin, Charles Heidsieck Champagnes and Fortnum and Mason. A truly exclusive event of VIPs and luxury and car connoisseurs, the patron is HRH Prince Michael of Kent.

Hampton Court Palace on the River Thames in leafy outer South West London is simply outstanding, no surprises it was Henry VIII’s favourite royal residence and is widely considered one of the greatest palaces in the world. On our visit, we lost ourselves in history and elegance with the spectacular sights and sounds of the bustling Base Court, the Haunted Gallery, the breath-taking grandeur of Henry’s State Rooms, and the 60 acres of enchanting gardens and yes, we did get lost in the famous Hampton Court maze.

The exclusive Concours of Elegance hospitality enclosure is on the East front lawn of the Palace. A stunning marquee and garden, incorporating a private lounge area, provides guests with a perfect view of the cars. Using fresh British produce supplied by a range of Royal Warrant Holders, all day refreshments are served in a relaxed luxury environment.

We look forward to meeting you at our stand at this fabulous event and perhaps enjoying some wonderful luxury hospitality with you. Learn more and buy tickets for the Concours of Elegance.

Our Sustainable Fashion Passion

We live in the times of sustainability, individualism and the ongoing popularity of quality designed and made luxury, These themes and trends are not just ‘media talk’ but are indeed an escalating passionate wave of change.

A recent well-researched article in the Guardian reported the fashion industry as a whole is contributing more to climate change than the aeronautical and shipping industries combined. If trends continue, the industry could account for a quarter of the world’s carbon budget by 2050. Add to this worrying macro view, here in the UK an astounding fifty million fast-fashion dresses will be bought this year to be only worn once. Surely high quality, individual designs which last and deliver real emotional and financial value is the way forward? Awareness significantly rose last year with Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg becoming a global spokesperson of her generation and Stella McCartney launched the UN Sustainable Fashion Industry Charter for Climate.

Stella McCartney Sustainable Fashion Landfill Campaign

Here at Eyato London we are passionate and have been at the forefront of sustainability from an artisan perspective so much so that we created the Made to Order Luxury Affair initiative and event to support and promote the wider sustainable independent designer community.

Slow fashion is obviously a more sustainable way to add to your wardrobe, than purchasing off-the-shelf. No factories with dubious labour practices, no unsold garments going to waste, no unanswered questions about sustainability, the prospects of encountering someone wearing the exact same piece as you are a lot slimmer. A compelling and overwhelming argument, I’m sure you will agree.


At Eyato London, our designs are distinctive, strong and bold and we produce pieces made with painstakingly sourced components, that are lovingly created, handmade and produced here in London. 90% of our production materials come from British businesses within Great Britain supporting local people, artisan skills and economics and we pay proper UK taxes unlike some of the global online businesses operating in fashion.

Perhaps recent global events have brought home community verses globalisation and will change behaviours from fast fashion mass production to local quality products and services. Whatever, Eyato London will continue with our passion and drive on sustainable individual fashion that lasts supporting local and British talent and communities.

Eyato Skape Launch

The classic cape has returned for 2020 according to Vogue France. The cape is such a chic and comfortable complement to both casual looks and eveningwear.

Here at Eyato London we’ve taken the cape one step further with the SKAPE®, a stylish functional fusion garment, combing both a skirt with a cape.

SKAPE - Skirt and Cape from Eyato London

As you’d expect from Eyato each SKAPE® is distinct and designed to complement the selected fabric of choice and personality of the wearer alike. Our SKAPE®s are not conservative, they are indeed bold, colourful and sophisticated typically embellished with trims of your choice.

We have created a range for both men and women reflecting both today’s fluidity of design and a recognition of the history of the cape from history through to mass popularity in Victorian times for women as power fashion statements and widespread practical use by men in the military.

One of the main differences between the typical luxury designer capes today and an Eyato SKAPE®, particularly for men, is the role of colour brings to the garment.  Men wearing either skirts or capes communicates confidence, strength and inner peace. Certainly for a man with great shaped and formed legs the SKAPE® is the ideal statement.

Eyato London ScapeWe’ve been overwhelmed by the reaction of the SKAPE® from ‘ground-breaking’ to ‘why has no one does this before’. Join our SKAPE® revolution feel chic yet comfortable turning heads in your casual and evening occasions.

The Eyato SKAPE® is available for both women and men.3