Eyato Skape Launch

February 4, 2020
February 4, 2020 Eyato

Eyato Skape Launch

The classic cape has returned for 2020 according to Vogue France. The cape is such a chic and comfortable complement to both casual looks and eveningwear.

Here at Eyato London we’ve taken the cape one step further with the SKAPE®, a stylish functional fusion garment, combing both a skirt with a cape.

SKAPE - Skirt and Cape from Eyato London

As you’d expect from Eyato each SKAPE® is distinct and designed to complement the selected fabric of choice and personality of the wearer alike. Our SKAPE®s are not conservative, they are indeed bold, colourful and sophisticated typically embellished with trims of your choice.

We have created a range for both men and women reflecting both today’s fluidity of design and a recognition of the history of the cape from history through to mass popularity in Victorian times for women as power fashion statements and widespread practical use by men in the military.

One of the main differences between the typical luxury designer capes today and an Eyato SKAPE®, particularly for men, is the role of colour brings to the garment.  Men wearing either skirts or capes communicates confidence, strength and inner peace. Certainly for a man with great shaped and formed legs the SKAPE® is the ideal statement.

Eyato London ScapeWe’ve been overwhelmed by the reaction of the SKAPE® from ‘ground-breaking’ to ‘why has no one does this before’. Join our SKAPE® revolution feel chic yet comfortable turning heads in your casual and evening occasions.

The Eyato SKAPE® is available for both women and men.3

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